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Pharmaceutical & Medical

The pharmaceutical and medical device section is a vast global industry sector. There is a large range of assembly and test equipment that is applicable for use within the pharmaceutical and medical industry sector. TQC have been supplying solutions and systems to leading pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing companies worldwide for many years. 

The array of parts that require assembly and testing within the pharmaceutical and medical sector is vast. Leak testing is a common requirement to ensure safe to use medical device products are produced. TQC have supplied solutions in areas that include,

  • blood analysis,
  • radiopharmacy
  • medical diagnostics
  • cardiovascular equipment
  • tracheal tubes
  • lab-on-a-chip devices
  • stents
  • embo filters
  • medical vials 
  • respiratory filters
  • inhalers
  • catheters

Due to the strict requirements within the pharmaceutical and medical industries, TQC adheres to GAMP, CFR Part 11, and cGMP regulations. In doing so, all equipment, as necessary, is cleanroom certified and manufactured from approved materials. TQC adhere to the commonly used validation ‘v’as required, this ensures the correct processes and documentation trail is worked to.

pharmaceutal validation v

Additonally, there is the extra requirement for this industry sector in the area of cleanliness and contamination. Frequently automation is used when there is a need for, no human interaction, whether this is due to hazards or contamination. A robot is quite happy operating all day handling hazardous chemicals!

In conclusion, equipment supplied by TQC includes leak testing systems for medical devices and components, automated handling and robotic solutions. These solutions that are either integrated into manufacturing lines or operate as standalone system that can be easily installed into clean rooms.

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