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Helium Leak Testing

TQC Company Update May 2024

It has been some time since our last update, and TQC has been incredibly busy. As engineers, we sometimes overlook marketing, but we are excited to share our recent news and developments!

The past year presented numerous challenges, but we successfully delivered a variety of solutions to both new and existing customers. Our team has undergone some changes due to retirements and staff departures, leading to the promotion of talented engineers to lead our project teams.

We have made significant strides in improving our facilities with a strong focus on reducing our carbon footprint. Thanks to a Business Growth Grant, we recently acquired a new 3D printer. This addition allows us to produce prototype parts quickly and efficiently in-house, enhancing our prototyping capabilities.

At the start of 2024, we undertook modifications on our electric vehicle (EV) and complex castings assembly and leak testing lines to accommodate Generation 2 parts. This complex site work required the presence of several TQC engineers to ensure seamless implementation during the brief line shutdown.
TQC have also completed two other machine improvement projects. A robot cell was refurbished after producing more than 2 million parts, ensuring its continued efficiency and reliability. Also, we added equipment and made changes to a nine-year-old assembly and test production line to lower the cycle time.

We have continued to integrate numerous MALT units into systems so customers can reliably leak test their parts. To suit project requirements, the TQC Multi Application Leak Tester (MALT) has been developed further, the changes have included adding a TCP/IP interface that allows the MALT to be accessed through ethernet by a PLC or controller. We can now also link the MALT with DevOps environments like GCP for integrating machine learning capabilities, paving the way for smarter and more efficient leak testing processes. These enhancements ensure improved connectivity and integration into systems.

Our leak test service offering continues to help clients and we have performed many tests over the last few months including several one-off tests and have a long-term commitment for helium leak testing of aerospace parts.

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