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Aerospace & Defence Industries

The aerospace industry and defence sector use a large range of assembly and test automation equipment and TQC have been supplying solutions to this industry sector for many years. The equipment we supply has included leak testing systems for various components and automated handling and assembly.

There are a number of standards and specifications that TQC has worked to, and have experience of that are applicable to the aerospace and defence sector. We are familiar with many military and aerospace specifications, RR Sabre, GS 3001, Skydrol standards and DEFCON standards to name a few.

Most parts and assemblies produced in this sector are safety-critical and so it is extremely important that correct production, assembly and testing protocols are adhered to. TQC has assisted in this by supplying several solutions from simple checking jigs that are used to mechanically gauge that a part is dimensionally correct to more complex leak testing solutions that check that the correct assembly process has been carried out before the assembly has been installed. The inclusion of this testing equipment we understand has saved many hours of labour as only leak-tight assemblies are moved to the next production phase.

The array of parts that require assembly and testing within the aerospace industry and defence industries is vast. Sectors we have supplied equipment into includes explosives manufacture, submarines production, weapons manufacture and aircraft wings production. There are several other areas we have looked at and supplied solutions but as this is also a very sensitive sector this information cannot be included here.

Case Studies for Aerospace & Defence Industries

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