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Standard Equipment

TQC have developed a multi-application leak test instrument (MALT) and a series of standard equipment for leak testing applications.  All systems can be configured for over-pressure, vacuum or dosing applications using air, or helium tracer gas.

  • Multi-Application Leak Tester (MALT) is a flexible, compact leak test instrument that can be used with the standard series of solutions and bespoke leak testing applications
  • Series 10 equipment covers leak test systems in their simplest and most cost-effective format incorporating a manually actuated sealing fixture with a leak test instrument.
  • Series 20 equipment covers leak test benches that apply a small level of automation which is controlled by a standard leak test instrument.
  • Series 30 equipment is an advanced format of Series 20 equipment that includes data logging of test results.
  • Series 40 equipment covers leak testing solutions that have automatic sealing connections and tooling along with integrated plc control.
  • Series 50 equipment is the most advanced range of standard equipment and is for special applications that need multiple test instruments for simultaneous testing with complex data capture and analysis.

Other standard leak testing solutions that can be provided are twin station variations of the above that allow an increase in throughput by either having two identical stations or two stations that use a single test instrument to ‘pendulum’ the testing so an operator is at one station whilst the testing is happening at the other station.

If a number of similar parts need to be leak tested our standard equipment can be modified to have interchangeable tooling. This methodology allows a leak test system to test a range of variants or a range of different parts using common test instrumentation and control and dedicated bespoke tooling.

Examples of more standard leak testing solutions developed by TQC are shown in our case studies

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