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Series 20 Standard Leak Test Drawer Fixtures

TQC have developed a series of standard leak test benches. The Series 20 standard leak test drawer fixtures apply a small level of automation that is controlled by the integrated a leak test instrument.

The Series 20 Standard Leak Test Drawer Unit Incorporates:

  • Fixture nest to locate the part
  • A combination of manually applied and automatic seals
  • Self guarding sliding drawer
  • Built in leak test instrument
  • Standard operator interface panel
  • Suitable for low cost, low to medium volume applications

These series of units are configurable for either over-pressure, vacuum or dosing applications.

This solution allows simple operation with an operator loading and unloading the test parts. Pass stamps and fixture locking on part failure can be accommodated to ensure the test procedure is fulfilled correctly. The complexity and associated costs for these types of solutions are very dependant on the product that needs to be tested and the leak test specification. The difference between the series 10 simple leak test fixture and this series 20 unit is that some of the sealing of the test part is automatic. The automatic sealing of parts allows more complex features and faces to be sealed and higher test pressure to be safely used. The simplest system would be a single port connector and a leak test instrument. A complex series 20 solution may incorporate several port connectors and sealing plates but would still have a single instrument. Series 20 solutions are generally guarded or have localised guarding as mechanisms move automatically.

A case study showing a series 20 leak test drawer fixture working with a multi-application leak tester can be seen here.

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