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designing machines at home

Designing Machines from Home

As the Coronavirus quickly spread across Europe, governments were urgently looking for a solution to protect their people and economies. In late March, the UK issued a lockdown that limited travel only for essential items and key workers. The lockdown posed a serious challenge for many businesses, TQC included. Employers looked for a way to recreate the office environment at home through remote working without the loss of productivity and office cohesiveness. Designing machines is a key element at TQC which had to progress even in a lockdown!

As only essential engineers were allowed on-site at TQC, our other members of staff quickly adapted to working from home using Microsoft Teams for meetings and to remain in contact with each other. However, our designers required the speciality computer software, such as 3D CAD, to continue to develop special-purpose equipment for clients.

The straightforward solution would be for all the TQC designers to take their equipment home, principally using the same kit in a different location. TQC looked for a more flexible and efficient solution.

Can all the equipment be left on-site and still be used both from home and from the office?

Can all server integration and backup procedure remain untouched?

The answer is yes, through remote desktop working. The TQC engineers can work and continuing designing machines from a device at home, or anywhere with an internet connection, and access their work computer, or in some cases work computers, and use them as they would in the office. This also allowed for a more efficient way of being able to return to the office if necessary without disconnecting the computer and bringing it in.

With internet speeds now fast and the fibre optic connection into the TQC building working well over the past 4 months TQC will continue with the modified way of working and it will be a valuable working practice moving forwards.

TQC have remained open throughout 2020 with all computer-based tasks ‘operating as normal’. Now that times are becoming more normal having offsite/home working is still helpful as it allows the Nottingham factory to operate more efficiently whilst maintaining social distancing.