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Special Applications

TQC has been involved in a significant number of special applications, whether it is inside an irradiated area, picking and placing fragile components that cannot be picked by hand or using vacuum on porous components like grinding wheels, TQC has almost seen it all.

Previous Special Application Projects Include:

  • Cooperating robot system utilising two 6-axis robots for handling textile components through common dispensing and curing operations.
  • A large system for handling radioactive drugs using three heavy duty SCARA robots at sub-zero temperatures.
  • High speed vision scanning for complicated surface inspection.
  • Sealant and adhesive dispensing combined with vision to measure the sealant bead width on automotive castings.
  • Multi-faceted grippers on 6 axis robots to service 6 vibratory bowl feeders for a complex assembly application with additional jigs, grease dispensing and robot screw feeding.
  • Automated screwing and torquing up of automotive cam caps.
  • Automated dot peen marking of cam caps.

To find out more about how we can help you:

We build all machines in-house, applying our extensive experience in specialised test and automated handling machines to the engineering projects we undertake. We offer customer support, backup and service call-out for all projects, whatever the size.

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