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Pick & Place Robotic Systems

Pick and place robotic systems have been transformed recently by the availability of electric cylinders, low cost slideways and servo systems.  One can still build simple fixed position pick and place robotic systems with pneumatic cylinders, but the introduction of the electric cylinder with the ability to control position, speed and force along the stroke of the electric cylinder through a servo drive has opened up some interesting opportunities to use relatively low cost technical modules to produce cost effective robotic systems.

TQC has experience of using electric cylinders in cartesian systems, moving cameras, simple horizontal and vertical combinations to provide multi-position packing into boxes, pallet trays and bags.

Some of the pick and place systems TQC have produced include both multi-axis robots in combination with electric cylinders to provide multi-outlet positions for several positions for good parts, several reject positions for bad parts and a position for sample parts which an electric cylinder, and pneumatic cylinder combination.

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