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Useful Leak Specification Guidelines

Below are some useful tables that assist when looking at the leak specification of a part. For more information on leak testing visit our other pages here

Product/ComponentTest PressureLeakTest Method
WATER LEAKS/COOLING SYSTEMS1 to 2 bar4 to 7 cc/minAir pressure decay
OIL LEAKAGE (various)0.1 to 7 bar6 to 15cc/minAir pressure decay/flow
FUEL/DIESEL1 to 10 bar0.1 to 15cc/minAir pressure decay
FUEL/PETROL1 to 5 bar3.0 to 15cc/minAirPressure decay
REFRIGERATION/AIR CONDITIONING2 to 20 bar5 to 15 gm/yrTracer gas
ELECTRICAL HOUSING/CONNECTORS0.1 to 1 bar0.01 to 1cc/minPressure decay/Tracer

Leak Specification – Bubbles to leak conversion

cc/sec (ml/sec)mm3/seccc/min (ml/min)1 cc (1 ml)2mm bubble
0.1100610 sec24 bubbles per sec
0.01100.6100 sec2 bubbles per sec
0.00110.0616.7 min4.2 secs
1×10-40.10.0062.8 hours41.9 secs
1×10-50.016×10-427.8 hours7.0 min
1×10-60.0016×10-511.6 days69.8 min
1×10-71×10-46×10-616.5 weeks11.6 hours
1×10-81×10-56×10-73.2 years4.8 days
1×10-91×10-66×10-831.8 years6.9 weeks
1×10-101×10-76×10-9318 years1.33 years

Leak Specification – Pressure conversion chart

To convert from to (multiply by)barpsikPakg/cm2mbarPainH20mmHg
in H2O0.00250.0360.2490.00252.49249.3811.87
mm Hg0.00130.0190.1330.00141.33133.330.5351

Leakage flow rates conversion chart

To convert from ….to (multiply by)atmcc/secm bar.l/secatmmm3/secatmcc/minatmLitre/minatmm3/minatmcu ft/yrtorr.l/sec
atm cc/sec11.0131000600.066E-0511160.759
atm mm3/sec0.0010.00110.066E-056E-081.1160.0007
atm cc/min0.01670.01716.6710.0011E-0618.60.012
atm m3/min1666716883166666671000000100011860119012664
cu ft/yr0.00090.00090.8960.0545.37E-055.37E-0810.0007

If you require any further information on how to define the leak specification for your product or how to test it please get in touch via our contact page.

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