Leak Testing Case Studies: Plastic Sump Pipe Leak Test and Assembly

Client: Tier 2 Automotive Plastic Engine Part Manufacturer

Part: Plastic sump pipe assembly

Machine supplied: Twin fixture automatic insert assembly and leak test machine

Overview: This system was designed and manufactured in order to give the customer the ability to assemble and test plastic sump pipes within their production environment. TQC developed this system alongside the client to allow them to insert compression limiters (ambient temperature), insert brass inserts (hot) and leak test the finished assembly.
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Vacuum leak test / hot insert / cold insert

  • Simple to operate
  • Floor to floor cycle time of 35s for 2 assemblies per cycle
  • 80% Vacuum Leak Test
  • 1 Hot Insert (2500C)
  • 2 Cold Inserts
  • Contolled by a PLC
  • Calibration satisfies the requirements of ISO9000

This machine combines TQC's experience of leak detection and automatic inserting. In the case of this machine, if the leak test fails, the automatic inserting process will not actuate.

Vacuum Leak Test

The test pieces and the reference volume are simultaneously evacuated. The air in the system is then allowed to stabilise, with the supply valves all closed. The differential pressure is then measured using a transducer.


Both types of insert are presented to the component by a combination of vibrating bowl feeders and automatic handling system. There are two oval inserts and one hot insert which is automatically melted into the plastic.

Safety guard system

A well proven safety system, built to UK and European safety standards allows a fast loading and unloading of the test pieces.

Full documentation

The equipment is supplied with full CE marking, operator and service manuals, spares lists and maintenance wiring diagrams.

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