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High Pressure (Over 6 Bar)

TQC provide air decay leak testing solutions for all types of components to measure air pressure decay.

TQC can provide solutions for high pressure air decay leak testing. Standard leak testing measurement instruments are incorporated to find drop off in air pressure or air flow on the components being tested.

TQC offer test pressures between vacuum and, typically, 16bar (150psig) as standard, with leak testing measurements down to a resolution of 1 atm.mm3/sec. All air decay leak test parameters may be programmed into the instruments supplied as part of the solution, and the resulting data is available for subsequent Statistical Process Control (SPC) analysis.

One also has to take further precautions as a catastrophic failure of the part under test using high pressure may damage the sensitive measuring instrument. All parts should be proof tested before being leak tested, the pressure should be increased in increments and further equipment such as pressure relief valves, air fuses and burst discs may need to be used.

High Pressure Air Decay Testing (over 6 bar)

The differential testing of parts with higher pressures poses additional challenges for leak testing.

Generally, the high pressure is not suitable for making accurate leak test calculations as it is too unstable.

In these cases one arranges for the test volume to be on the opposite side of the leak path and the instrumentation is arranged to use the differential pressure rise. Parts are placed into a chamber possibly with infill pieces to reduce the test volume as much as possible. With this setup, the internal volume of the test piece can be pressurised to high pressure whilst the test system monitors the pressure in a volume outside the part.

High pressure air decay leak testing is suitable for the following component and environment applications:

  • Sprinkler valves
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • HIgh pressure regulators
  • Munitions

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