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Pallet Transfer Systems

TQC are specialists in pallet transfer assembly system technology. Utilising modular construction, TQC have supplied assembly systems that incorporate mechanical materials handling, automatic assembly and other automation processes. TQC have designed and produced a number of sophisticated pallet based automatic assembly and test projects for several demanding applications.

There are several formats of pallet transfer systems. For example, the pallet can travel around a single level loop or it can be transferred around in a rectilinear manner with a side transfer at each end. Another format of pallet transfer is be moved between different levels, such as the empty pallet return can run underneath. Twin or even multiple track nests are possible, as are interchangeable nests for different variants.

TQC have provided pallet transfer systems for multi-part assemblies for the automotive industry when high volumes required fully automatic solutions handling parts from bulk. Another system has allowed operators to load complex parts onto the pallet tooling for automatic grease dispensing with automatic function testing operations.

By installing a pallet transfer system into your production facility, operations can be carried out automatically with the system producing complete products. This reduces the work in progress (WIP) produced during normal running. New technology modules increase the flexibility in the system by changing the pallet tooling to accommodate new variants.

A pallet transfer assembly system is a flexible solution that can replace some or all manual labour reducing production costs. Further benefits include the quality assurance of operations and automatic checking; this is critical in many production environments including the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, the automotive sectors and aerospace and defence industries.

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