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TQC Projects in Europe

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Belgium – Compressor Test Rig

Czech Republic – Turbocharger Test Rig

France – Automotive Bumper Paint Fixtures, Bumper Assembly Machines

Germany – Fuel Tank Ultrasonic Water Bubble Leak Test Facility

Hungary – Seat Recliner Assembly & Test Rig

Israel – Artificial Vertebrae Leak Test Unit, Gas Bottle Test Rig, Swallowable Camera Leak Test Unit

Italy – Compressor Test Rig

Latvia – Diesel Pump Sensor Assembly & Test Equipment

Luxemberg – Fuel Pump Leak Test Machine

Netherlands – High Speed Pipe Fitting Leak Test Machines, Robot Test Cell

Poland – Aluminium Casting Leak Testing Systems, Intelligent Assembly Fixtures for Automotive Sector

Portugal – Fuel Filler Pipe Helium Leak Test Machine

Russia – Product Seal Function Test Rig

Republic of Ireland – Medical Device Leak Testers, Helium Leak Test facility, Aluminium Casting Leak Test, Leak Test Connectors

Spain – Automotive Bumper Punch Machine

Sweden – Engine Block Leak Test Machine, Leak Test Equipment

Switzerland – Battery Assembly Facility, Leak Test Equipment

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