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Quality Control Revolutionized with Cloud-based Decision-making

TQC is at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cloud-based technologies to enhance quality control processes on production lines. By harnessing the power of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud-based infrastructures, and cloud computing, TQC is enabling manufacturers to achieve intelligent, autonomous, and scalable quality control solutions.

Quality control on the Cloud

As part of its research efforts, TQC has developed a groundbreaking decision-making framework that seamlessly integrates cloud computing, agent technology, and machine learning. This framework was successfully deployed in a quality control use case involving vision inspection and agent-based control. The experiment employed a cloud-based machine learning pipeline for part classification and agent technology for routing, demonstrating the framework’s applicability in real-world scenarios. This innovative approach bridges the gap between cloud service-oriented architecture and agent technology, revolutionizing quality control for production systems. More detail is in our published paper (link).

Cloud-based machine learning pipeline customizations

TQC is committed to providing manufacturers with tailored cloud-based machine learning pipelines that address their specific quality control needs. By integrating external technologies as services, TQC can further enhance the intelligence of these systems, enabling manufacturers to optimize quality control, monitor production lines, and improve process efficiency. This can significantly reduce labour costs and rework overheads, driving significant cost savings and operational improvements.

With its expertise in cloud-based decision-making for quality control, TQC is helping manufacturers transform their quality assurance processes, paving the way for a new era of intelligent and autonomous manufacturing. TQC is dedicated to providing manufacturers with the tools and expertise they need to harness the power of cloud-based technologies and achieve unprecedented levels of quality and efficiency.

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