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Case Studies: Leak Testing

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Leak Test Solution for Automotive Bedplates

Machine supplied: Standard Series 40 based leak test solution for automotive bedplate castings

Client: Leading Automotive Aluminium Die Casting Company

Part: Automotive bedplate

Overview: This leak test system is based on the TQC Series 40 range, a proven range standard leak testing solutions designed and manufactured by TQC.

TQC has developed a series of standard leak test solutions, the Series 40 is a cost effective, standard system with integral plc control, capable of housing any Leak Test Instrument. Automatic assembly and part presence detection can be combined with leak testing operations. This allows for compact, space and time-efficient solutions to be provided for higher throughput production.

This machine includes the following features

  • Manual loading and unloading through light guard positioned at the front of the machine
  • Automatic scanning of 2D barcode
  • Automatic sealing system
  • Automatic leakage test and blockage test cycle
  • Automatic pass mark via percussion marker
  • Operator display to show instructions etc
Automotive bedplate casting leak test machine
Automotive bedplate casting leak test machine

Automotive Bedplate Leak Test Solution Key Features:

  • Fabricated painted framework with aluminium extrusion guarding.
  • Two position transfer carriage with load/unload position and test position
  • Bespoke location tooling
  • Part infills to reduce test volume and increase leak test sensitivity
  • Pneumatic clamping of test part
  • Automatic test connection
  • Automatic sealing system with multiple seal units for all ports
  • 2D Barcode Reader
  • Multi-position pass marker
  • Leak & Blockages tests
  • Light Guard Access for part loading and unloading
  • Built in Furness Controls FC0750 leak test instrument
  • PLC control system & colour touch screen HMI
  • Graphical display for operator instructions etc.
  • Proven Standard Series 40 leak test technology

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Automotive Bedplate Leak Test Solution

For more examples of Series 40 and other styles of leak test solutions visit our other pages, all our standard systems can be configured for either over-pressure, vacuum, or dosing applications dependent on your leak testing requirements.